shiatsu milano editore


Shiatsu Milano Editore is a small independent publisher based in Milan (Italy) dealing with bio-natural disciplines, in particular shiatsu: for their disclosure, we publish books and organize workshops.
Thanks to our Publishing Director Mr. Roberto Palasciano, also a shiatsu teacher and Didactic Director of Scuola Internazionale di Shiatsu Italia (Italian Shiatsu International School) in Milan, we are in connection from 2011 with Iokai Center in Tokyo and we have a good cooperation with Haruhiko Masunaga sensei (Shizuto Masunaga’s son and present Director of Iokai Center).

We translated from Japanese into Italian and published Shizuto Masunaga’s most important writings and, given the accuracy of our translation, also on request and incitement of Haruhiko Masunaga, we decided to translate some of these texts from Italian to English, to allow their diffusion all over the world.

At the moment “Masunaga Shiatsu Manuals – 1st month” is available in e-book version on the major platforms. Soon will be available the second volume, “Masunaga Shiatsu Manuals – 2nd month” and, to follow, the book “Tales of 100 treatments“.
We are sure that you will appreciate our work in order to spread the original shiatsu of Masunaga sensei and to create a community of practitioners who continue on the way that he showed us, to allow many to know our magnificent art.

We are at your disposal for any information. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

Mr. Roberto Palasciano (Publishing Director)